Primabake is a baking paper only made from virgin pulp which is also siliconised on both sides.

Recyclable, it is exclusively manufactured in France at Papeteries du Leman which is located in Thonon-les-Bains on the shores of Lake Geneva.

PEFC and FSC® certified, Primabake complies with the principal food regulations: 

    • European regulation EC 1935/2004
    • German BfR 36 et 36/2
    • FDA 21 CFR Ch 1
    • Kosher for Passover
    • Halal Services

Available in both white and unbleached grades, Primabake is designed for baking applications in either microwave or professional ovens for both the domestic household and industrial markets.

The range

The Primabake range is available in 3 distinct qualities, each one dedicated to a specific end use:


PRIMABAKE LIGHT : light release process papers for single use industrial baking applications which are ideal for the wrapping of hot foods.

PRIMABAKE CLASSIC : baking paper designed for a wide variety of uses from industrial applications such as bakeries through to domestic households.

PRIMABAKE STAR : baking paper designed for professional, industrial and domestic household use which is reusable and provides excellent heat stability.


Quality Control

To ensure the regularity and the conformity of all required characteristics for this market, the control system is ensured by Information Quality System on line. This system measures and regulates some characteristics of the paper.

There are 350 control loops on this paper machine to guarantee the product consistency. A detection defects on line lets you visualize and treat each defect.

Each jumbo roll is inspected in laboratory over more than 20 characteristics. This control validates the conformity of the paper.

Sales & Marketing

Primabake is exclusively distributed by AVERE, Pierrevert (04860), France: